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GTFO the Planet is solo Roll n Write that takes about 15 minutes to play.  You'll just need to supply 3 dice, a writing utensil and print the last page of this PDF to start playing!

A revolution is coming to the Edge Colonies. You’ve made too many deals with the once powerful Helceku family and the revolutionaries know it. They’re looking for you, so you can’t go home. But you have an unregistered ship ready at the docks. You just need to gather the right gear to survive the trip in your escape to the Core. You only have 10 credits, so you’ll need to hustle your way into some wealth and fast. If you don’t get the frick off Quaest with everything you need before the countdown finishes (when they lock down Quaest airspace) you’re dead.

Turn your 10 credits into a lot more so that you can buy the Rations, Fuel Cartridges, Med Kits, and the new ID that you’ll need for Lift Off before the end of the Countdown. You can only carry 4 items at a time (not including ID) in the Ship Docks before loading them into your ship. You may also sell items for profit. Use the bank to borrow money. Use the Fight Pit to win with brute force. Use the Med center to get a health boost. And use the Casino to try and win big. Just make sure to do it all in a hurry. Time is running out to GTFO the Planet.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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